Mold Seekers - Illinois Mold Inspectors

Use non-toxic, enzyme-based MoldZymeMold and Mildew Stain Cleaner to remove mold stains and mold odors from your home

field bag used by mold seekers
field bag used by mold seekers

Mold Seekers uses only the latest state of the art Field Inspection Kits for immediate and accurate results.


How can mold affect you and your family.

Have any family members, residents or occupants experienced any of the following adverse health effects?
Chronic colds   Flu-like symptoms
Chronic headaches   Bloody noses
Coughing   Arthritic-like aches
Sinus congestion   Equilibrium or balance loss
Upper respiratory distress   Irritation of the eyes, nose or throat
Skin rashes   Nausea

Step for Identifying Mold

Is there a musty smell in the building?
Are there visible signs of water damage anywhere?
Has the building ever suffered a roof, basement or plumbing leak?
Is there black mold in the basement, attic or living area?

Don't take chances with you or your family's health. 




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